UPPER PENINSULA, MI – While hunting is basically a Yooper tradition, safety should be a priority.

Wandering around a patch of unfamiliar forest, not dressing for the weather, and “forgetting” to wear orange has resulted in serious injury and death. So here are some tips to stay safe while you’re out hunting this season.

Tell someone where you plan on hunting and when you plan on coming back. If you don’t come back they need to know where they should start looking.

Wear as much orange as you can. Deer see in shades of gray so they won’t notice you, but other hunters will.

Dress for the weather. Michigan Novembers are cold with average temps of 35 degrees during the day and falling below freeing after the sun sets.

If you have to track a deer let someone know and make sure you have plenty of light. Avoid tracking deer at night as you can easily get lost.

And starting this year the Michigan DNR is requiring all successful hunters to report their kill electronically within 72 hours. Report my kill

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