Franklin Township Sends Money Back to Federal Government


Franklin Township in the Keweenaw Peninsula rejected funds from the American Rescue Plan. Franklin is one of ten townships in the state to refuse the money outright, rejecting $146,431 from the federal government. Township Supervisor Mary Sears says that the municipality just didn’t have a need for what the funds could go toward.

35 other townships in the state did not respond before the deadline for funds to be allocated. Because Franklin Township did respond, officials could choose to  either send funds that would’ve been sent the township back to the federal government or the state said Sears.

Sears noted that township officials felt there were no projects that would fall into categories that funds could be used for. Such as water and sewer infrastructure, economic recovery for businesses and residents affected by the pandemic or public health programs like setting up vaccination sites. Townships who accept the money have until 2024 to decide were the funds will go.