Women in Entrepreneurship encouraging possible business owners virtually

MARQUETTE — A local event designed to encourage entrepreneurship is moving online.

While many events have been cancelled due to COVID–19, Women in Entrepreneurship is forging ahead this year, this time virtually.

Innovate Marquette SmartZone decided to continue the event, to provide some much–needed positivity and knowledge during these trying times.

“Though the world is a little bit wonky, there’s a lot of negativity surrounding a lot of things every day,” said Nicole Johnson, Marketing Manager for Invent Marquette SmartZone. “We think people just need something to uplift them. We want to bring people together, no matter where your opinions fall, we can all agree that a successful entrepreneur is something to celebrate.”

This year’s event features a panel consisting of a founder of a Minneapolis–based consulting firm, a National Geographic photographer, and the owner of a yoga studio.

The online event starts Thursday at 6 pm, and is free.

To watch the discussion, head to Innovate Marquette’s Facebook page, or their website here.