MARQUETTE –An ambitious art project involving several UP cities is being postponed until next year.

The Power of Words Project, which paints murals in cities using one–word themes, was set to contribute murals in Marquette, Manistique and Iron Mountain this year.

According to the project’s founder, holding something that is community–based during the pandemic isn’t a safe idea.

“The project is all about community engagement,” said Mia Tavonatti, Founder of the Power of Words Project. “We’re always trying to get people to come, and that’s the last thing we wanna do right now. That’s not safe. Next year we’ll be able to come and hopefully celebrate the success once we’re past this, and really enjoy it and do it to its fullest instead of just having to worry about [COVID-19] at every step.”

Tavonatti currently lives in southern California, and noted that traveling from one state with high cases to another is dangerous.

Additionally, the project is partly funded by local businesses, and asking for donations during this financially difficult time would put further strain on the local economy.

Tavonatti hopes to complete the Marquette mural, which has “Natural” as its theme, sometime around June of next year.