Social Justice for Us holds children’s book reading centered around diversity

MARQUETTE — Kids and adults alike met in Harlow Park Friday afternoon for a special time of learning about equality and diversity.

Members of the Marquette group Social Justice for Us held a children’s book reading at the park.

It began with a discussion of the social injustices we’re seeing around the country, then shifted to a reading of books focused on inclusion and acceptance.

While older community members have been speaking out against injustice and protesting, the afternoon was a fun way for kids to learn about the importance of these topics at a very young age.

“Books are so powerful for so many reasons,” said Jessica Wilson, one of the mothers who brought her children to the event. “And they’re going to be doing these readings again hopefully on other topics that are worth instilling in our kids too as far as equality and pride. So I think that’s amazing.”

Mothers at the reading said they hope hearing about diverse experiences and people from books will help their children to become more loving and accepting adults in the future.