MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant.

This grant is worth $170,000, and will support NMU as they transition their Native American studies programs into an online format.

Dr. Martin Reinhardt, a Professor at Northern Michigan, says the task of transitioning has been difficult, but that they’re up to the challenge and had been working on it for several years before the pandemic arose.

“This grant will help us make that final push to where we can get our native studies major, and other programs that we offer to the center for Native American studies available online, to help us address things like the global pandemic,” said Reinhardt. “Beyond the pandemic, it helps us to provide programming to people who are just generally interested in Native American studies, but may not be able to make that journey to our campus and remain here during the semester.”

Reinhardt says they’re hoping to have more definitive outcomes for the online programs by December.

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