MARQUETTE — A local organization is creating a way community members can connect with farmers and food providers in the area.

The UP Food Exchange features an information hub, where consumers can find food producers in their area, along with an extensive network of resources for every aspect of the food system.

The push to shop local came as more people began thinking about where their food came from, as questions arose about the stability of food supply lines because of the COVID–19 pandemic.

“With COVID-19, a lot of people have started thinking more about ‘where is my meat coming from’ or wanting to eat more healthfully, or even just have less hands touch their food, and so local food seems really appealing,” said Sarah Monte of the UP Food Exchange. “One of the things for us at the UP Food Exchange is we want people to have this reason to get involved with local food, but then stick with it.”

The hub that the food exchange offers includes a product list, where either wholesale consumers or restaurants can order a wide array of foods, all grown in the Upper Peninsula.

More information, along with an online marketplace and much more, can be found at their website here.