ISHPEMING — This year’s 4th of July festivities for the City of Ishpeming have been canceled. The decision encompasses all regular activities, including the parade.

Addressing the reasons behind the cancellation, City Council Member Jason Chapman stated, “While it’s sad that our 4th of July festivities have been cancelled here in Ishpeming, safety is my number one concern and I do support the committee’s decision. I truly thank the committee for having the best interest of our community in mind, the public’s safety and health is far more important. They are truly leaders in our town and we should be proud of them.”

Chapman went on to address the affect this cancellation will have on the local economy, as well as how the Ishpeming community can come out of this successfully. “I’m concerned about the impact this will have on our small businesses and I hope we can look at some unique ways to help these businesses lessen the impacts,” said Chapman. “I hope all of our community members will spend more money locally this year versus outside of town, our businesses will appreciate it. I hope we can all work together to make the celebration next year bigger and better than ever. Ishpeming is a strong and resilient community, we’re going to pull through this.”

The Ishpeming City Council is looking forward to the 4th of July celebration in 2021.