CCISD using radio to help students get through pandemic

HOUGHTON COUNTY — Houghton Community Broadcasting has teamed up with the Copper Country ISD, to help students get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

CCISD Supporting Kids through Radio was started by mental health professionals from the CCISD, led by Houghton Elementary School Counselor, Micah Stepich. Stepich, went back in time, to get the inspiration for this.

“Inspiration for this project was FDR’s fireside chats,” explained Micah Stepich, Houghton Elementary School Counselor. “Those were from back in the depression where he spoke to people through the radio. He encouraged them and was that source of information, and so we thought maybe there is a way to speak to the kids.”

Beginning Monday, April 6th, around 8:40am, 97.7 The Wolf will be airing an area educator, who will read a short story to help students reconnect with teachers.
Students can also send questions concerning their feelings to the school district. The stories will air Monday through Friday, and will also be available on

More information regarding this new feature will be available Sunday morning on Copper Country Today.