Voters approve sinking fund millage for Gwinn Area Community Schools

GWINN — On March 10, district voters passed a sinking fund millage request for Gwinn Area Community Schools.

The sinking fund will allow the school district to have a separate amount of money to pay for repairs and upgrades, such as flooring, electrical, and plumbing projects, without spending money from general funds. The district has made a few attempts to pass this sinking fund millage over the last year, but now they can finally move forward with some of these projects.

Gwinn Area Community Schools Superintendent Sandra Petrovich says they are extremely grateful to the community for their show of support at the polls.

“One of my goals has been to build on that partnership between the school district and the community,” said Petrovich. “It’s a very big community of 364 square miles, incorporating a few townships. So to see Sands and West Branch and Skandia and Forsyth all come together on a yes vote in all of those townships is really meaningful to me. All 364 square miles of our residents are working together to support the future of the district.”

Leading up to the election, Gwinn Area Community Schools worked to encourage voter registration, applying for absentee ballots if needed, and getting out to the polls. More information about the sinking fund and the projects it will go toward can be found here.