Local record label encouraging voter turnout with show

MARQUETTE — With 2020 being an important election year, one local record label is encouraging people to vote in a loud way.

Local record label Lost Dog Records is encouraging people to get to the polls with Rock the Vote, a live show featuring local bands and an important message.

Regardless of political views, it’s crucial for everyone to show up to the polls and let their voices be heard.

“It’s important for everybody, no matter what you’re voting for, to vote for what you believe in,” said Raymond Little of Lost Dog Records. “It’s your one chance to use your voice, and especially for younger people that maybe are interested in getting old ways of thinking out of government, it’s very important to help make that transition.”

Local bands Joel & the Good Boys, The Thirties, and Rosalita & the Hips will be playing at the show.

The event is held on Monday, March 9th, which is a day before the Michigan primaries. Drink specials are available to those who prove they are registered to vote.

For more information on the event, visit the event page here.