NMU Giving Day total nearly doubles

MARQUETTE — Last week, Northern Michigan University held their third annual Day of Giving, and now we know how much was donated during the event.

This year’s Day of Giving saw nearly double the amount donated from last year, with about $850,000 total given, which will go toward scholarship funds, different departments at the university, and other programs and areas where the money is needed the most. The NMU Food Pantry also received a lot of gifts during the event, getting more than 2,600 items donated, a 24% increase from last year, along with a little over $6,000 in cash donations, which was about 110% increase from 2018.

“Well e want to first of say thank you to everybody who gave or contributed food items,” said Vince Grout, Director of Advancement Communications at NMU. “The community was fantastic with how they came through for the university to help the students with access and aid.”

If you would like to participate in the event next year you can click here for more details.