Marquette County helps those in need through the Women’s Center’s Adopt-A-Family program

MARQUETTE — The Women’s Center in Marquette is taking care of families in need this Christmas with the help of the community.

Each year, people and organizations in Marquette County participate in the Women’s Center’s Adopt-A-Family program. Those participating are given a family or individual to provide a list of items for before Christmas.

Some of these lists include toys for children, but others consist of items like shampoo, paper towels, or warm socks. Simply purchasing a few items this Christmas season could make all the difference for a family in need.

“For most of these people, they are going through some traumatic events in their lives,” said Beth Casady, Executive Director for the Women’s Center. “So we try to make it a happy time of thinking positive and thinking ahead. But many of them are really down on their luck, in a shelter or in a relationship that they’re trying to get out of, and they just have nothing. Our clients are really grateful for anything that they get.”

Casady says that the holidays are a great time for the center and their clients. After many have experienced a rough year, it’s an opportunity for families to not only receive some things that they need, but also to find hope.

“People really go overboard on providing a very nice Christmas or New Year holiday for our clients,” said Casady. “And when we see some of our clients come in with their children to pick up their gifts, many of them are crying because they just cannot believe how generous people have been to them. It’s really fun to work this time of year. Often we see so many despicable things, but this is the one time of the year when it’s really, really nice.”

The Adopt-A-Family program is close to wrapping up for the year, but there is still one family and one individual in need of adoption this Christmas. The Women’s Center is always in need of donations throughout the year. Cash donations as well as gift cards to stores such as Walmart, Target, and Meijer are welcome anytime.

If you’d like to adopt a family or learn more about the Women’s Center, you can visit the Women’s Center’s website or Facebook page.