Animals help comfort stress-riddled students during exam week

MARQUETTE — Final exam week is a very stressful time for college students. Earlier today, some furry friends stopped by NMU to alleviate some of that stress.

Four–legged companions of every shape and size gathered at NMU’s Harden Hall, so that students could take a break from their studies and get some much–needed love.

“This is finals week,” said Nancy Bengry of Superiorland Pet Partners. “These students can come and pet a variety of dogs; we have kinds of sizes and shapes and stuff. It just takes their mind off of everything. So it relaxes them, that’s why I do it. Because it makes them happy.”

The animals came courtesy of Superiorland Pet Partners, who put on events like this all year long.

Superiorland Pet Partners accepts most pets, and after short training, they are used to spread love and comfort in surrounding communities.

For more information on Superiorland Pet Partners, visit their website here.