Marquette County Road Commission advises drivers not to pass plow trucks on the roads

MARQUETTE COUNTY — With plow trucks clearing the roads of snow and ice this week after the recent snow storms, the Marquette County Road Commission wants to remind drivers how to keep themselves, and plow truck drivers, safe.

Due to the wet, heavy nature of the snow Marquette County was hit with over the weekend, it is difficult for the Road Commission to deal with. As cars travel over that snow, it becomes even more of a struggle for plows to peel off the roads. That’s why it takes some time before roads are completely clear of snow and ice.

The Marquette County Road Commission advises drivers against passing plow trucks, and encourages them to keep their distance. This ensures that everyone stays safe on the roads, and it allows plow truck operators to more effectively do their job.

“A lot of times we do operations which require us to back up, especially at intersections,” said Jim Iwanicki, Engineer Manager for the Marquette County Road Commission. “So the best thing that drivers can do is give our operators a lot of space. When you’re passing a plow, there’s a lot of snow and ice coming off the sides of it. Our drivers need space to do their job properly, so it’s recommended not to pass the plow.”

If drivers absolutely need to pass a plow truck, the Road Commission asks that they first make sure there is plenty of clear road next to them. However, it is always best to avoid passing the trucks whenever possible.