Don’t forget anything for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s a good time to check that you have everything for the big turkey dinner.

Every year Thanksgiving proves to be one of the largest meals that are prepared for families across the United States. The problem is people forget certain items and ingredients on the day of Thanksgiving and that can cause problems. But superstores like Meijer like to make it easier on everyone and put most of the basic stuff all together. They have also been staying open on the holiday for quite some time now to help provide services that some people are in need of.

“Nothing is more frustrating than of course getting home and one ingredient you needed is not there,” explained John Spaulding, Store Director for the Meijer in Marquette. “But there is a solution to that as well, since for the past 30 years, Meijer has been open on Thanksgiving Day. It has turned into a tremendous shopping day because quite often people don’t get the time to do it or they forgot.”

The most common items forgotten for Thanksgiving are butter, cream cheese, celery, sweet potatoes and turkey bags.