Ishpeming students working hard on new Santa’s Workshop

ISHPEMING — A group of students are working to bring a festive building back to the Ishpeming community.

With the incident of arson causing Santa’s Workshop to burn down; a group of high school students from Ishpeming High School have came together to rebuild and give back to the community.

“My friends were wondering what they can do to give back to the community and help make this better,” said Gavin Argall, Student at Ishpeming High School. “So a couple of us thought what we can do to rebuild it and see if our construction class to help the community and build it.”

The advanced construction course led by the Ishpeming High School Career and Technical Education students asked for that opportunity.
As a bonus Tim Easterwood of Oakland Township, who grew up in Ishpeming, volunteered to donate $15,000.00 to rebuild Santa’s Workshop.
Since the construction these students have heard nothing but positive praise for their time and work on the new structure.

“It felt great and it is even better knowing all the thoughts of the people and how much they have said how great we have been doing,” explained Argall. “Together as a group we are doing really well and it has been making us happy to see the closer we get to being done the happier they are getting to see it completed.”

With it being completed in the near future this will give the opportunity for the community to come together. This will also give chance for young children to get a chance to talk to Santa Claus about Christmas and the gifts they hope to receive.

“We are building this so kids can have the experience of sitting on Santa’s lap for the first time,” said Silas Broberg, Student at Ishpeming High School.

Not only will Santa’s House be bigger, better and stronger it should be back right before Thanksgiving.