Update on the Lake Bancroft Park Pavilion

ISHPEMING —¬†Last year a mining office was demolished and the land was donated to the City of Ishpeming.

That committee was able to build the Lake Bancroft Park Pavilion with the land that was donated. The Pavilion is almost complete with it only needing a few more additions to the structure.

These additions include: signage, tables and doors. Most of it is paid for but some funds are still required to complete the structure.

“We are still trying to put together money for the tables,” said Stuart Skauge, Ishpeming Council Member. “The DNR requires that they be made from recycled materials. So that really ups the cost by about $1000.00 a piece and we need 12. Also the main doors will be put on and the garage doors will be glass, but we still have to make sure we have the money to put in those also.”

Even Sarah Cambensy was at the pavilion to give the city members the tribute to the project. The ribbon cutting for the Lake Bancroft Park Pavilion is expected to happen sometime next spring.