MARQUETTE — A fundraiser for an important museum in Marquette gave patrons quite a history lesson.

The Marquette Maritime Museum hosted STORM, a unique immersive historical experience that also helps the museum, along with everything they do.

“Our job is to preserve the maritime history of Marquette and Lake Superior,” said Hilary Billman, Director of the museum. “We are a non-profit, and most of our fundraising can help support different programming like this, and just lets us get our message out about how important it is to preserve history.”

Held at the Masonic Building in downtown Marquette, the fundraiser featured live music, documentaries featuring first–hand accounts of wreck survivors, all hosted by performers Ric Mixter and Dan Hall.

“STORM is an amazing outreach for us,” said Ric Mixter, one of the hosts. “It started off as just the videos I made, documentaries for PBS. When I met Dan Hall, we realized we can take that music and marry it together and do a synergy that no one had ever seen before. So a concert that has all kinds of interviews and everything like a documentary right on screen for people to really experience first-hand.”

STORM performs all around the state of Michigan, tailoring their shows to the areas they perform.

For more information on the Marquette Maritime Museum, visit their website here.