Students take tour through ABLE Medical Devices and Manufacturing

KI SAWYER — A group of local students got a chance to tour a professional business setting and got a chance to learn more about some future careers in KI Sawyer.

ABLE Medical Devices and Manufacturing hosted students from Gwinn high school to visit and tour a professional setting for medical device manufacturing and development.
This allowed to get students engaged with different machines and to see the work that could be something of interest for these young individuals for the future.

“I think it would be a fun and interactive program that they can do more of hands on learning experience,” said Caleb Stieler, Gwinn High School Student.

The company creates solutions to improve quality of life for customers, support the medical needs of the community, and produce valued products for a lifetime.
With this opportunity the students who are enrolled in similar classes were able to learn some new skills and more about possible future careers.
It even helped give the teach staff at Gwinn new ideas on how to engage their students in this field of work.

“We have a couple CNC machines at our school,” explained Jared Mottes, Gwinn Teacher. “But the computer does a lot of the work. We haven’t dove to deep in too what is that actual code line. Kids these days are getting so familiar on how to code and what it does between you and the computer. So I think if we can learn to read the programs code a little bit more it can add that one extra element to the process.”

For more information about the ABLE Medical Devices and Manufacturing you can click here.