18th annual Blueberry Festival fills downtown Marquette streets

MARQUETTE — The 18th annual Blueberry Festival happened on July 26th in Downtown Marquette where people got the chance to spend some time enjoying the festivities.

Blueberry Festival consists of many different local U.P. and some regional vendors celebrating blueberries.
The downtown area was blocked off for all the vendors and patrons who got to enjoy different local blueberry dishes as well as music and other activities.

“There are lots and lots of wild blueberries in the area surrounding Marquette,” explained Tara Laase-Mckinney, Marquette DDA Events and Promotions Coordinator. “Not necessarily downtown but it is something we locals really appreciate to go out and pick the berries. So it is just a nice and lovely fruit that we can honor in a really fun way.”

Even farmers from other parts of the state came up to bring some blueberries from the Lower Peninsula to share with the people of the U.P.

“We enjoy coming here,” said Tim Zelenka, Michigan Blueberry Farmer. “It is a fun thing to do with the family and it gets us back to the U.P. My wife is actually from the U.P. and it is just fun to see everybody. We like to bring them blueberries that they may not see up here all the time.”

The festivities started at 10 am and will end at 7 pm.