Art on the Rocks opens over weekend at Elwood Mattson Lower Harbor Park

MARQUETTE — Art on the rocks has grown to one of the finest art shows in the country, attracting over 140 artists and 10,000 people each year.

The festival will be celebrating the 61st annual fine art and crafts festival in Mattson Lower Harbor Park over the 27th and the 28th of July.
It’s a great way to go out and enjoy the weekend while also supporting artists locally and from afar.

“Marquette has always supported creative individuals,” said Jason Limberg, Director of Art on the Rocks. “I think it is a great opportunity not only to enjoy a summer weekend but to engage with artists and talk to the artists. This is because the artists are actually in the booths and you might run into people you may have not seen in awhile. It is just a really great weekend for the community.”

To maintain the tradition of excellence, 30% of the show is made up of artists invited based on a scoring system used by previous show judges and the other 70% selected in a jury process held in April.
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