Learn Quest summer program begins in June

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Area Public Schools (MAPS) have announced their new summer school program called Learn Quest.

Both traditional and non–traditional classes will be offered in this new summer school program. Each session is two weeks long with the first session beginning on June 17th. Classes will take place at Marquette Senior High School.

Students can sign–up from one to three classes with each class lasting 50 minutes. Those attending classes can also have free breakfast and lunch.

“We’re just trying to engage students. Let’s learn in a fun and unique way. Get them into the school and have them extend that learning season a little bit and there’s certainly a market for that right now. Parents are looking to find ways that their students can have a project-based type learning environment for them” said Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent, Bill Saunders.

This program is available for students from 1st through 12th grade. Saunders believes that these classes will give the students a good foundation, not just for learning purposes but in life as well. Classes will include but are not limited to foreign language, cooking, learning to play guitar and STEM.

“Some of these things are things that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to even learn during the course of the regular school year. So, while it may not have a direct impact on their traditional classes, it’s going to engage them, it’s going to broaden their learning in a lot of different ways” said Superintendent Saunders.

So far, there are over 90 classes that are signed up for at this time. The deadline to sign up for classes during session 1 is June 5th. As sections continue to fill, they will begin to close.

Class lists and registration for Session 2 will open June 6th and those classes will begin on July 18th. More information can be found on the RevTrak website or by calling the MAPS central office at 906–225–4200.