Big move over the weekend for UPHS-Marquette

MARQUETTE —¬†Over the weekend UPHS had the big patient and emergency service relocation that took just over 4 hours.



Over 100 patients made their way from the old hospital location by Northern Michigan University to the new location at 850 W. Baraga Ave. UPHS Marquette said they had about 400 people and 60 ambulance crews involved with the move.

“I am very pleased to report that at 10:14 a.m. we had successfully transferred all of the patients in the move safely and without harm and that was our top priority of the day,” explained Victor Harrington, Regional Director at UPHS. “Of course our teams did just a tremendous job keeping us on target with our timeline and even ahead of the target. So it was nice sure to beat what we thought would have been the time for the whole move; but it truly was about the safety and comfort of our patients and their families.”

The facilities emergency operations were also active starting June 2nd at 6 a.m. and also started accepting patients through the emergency services.