Vista Theater debuts play written by local Vietnam War veteran

NEGAUNEE — The Historic Vista Theater is now showing a play that was written by a local Vietnam War veteran.

The Brain Trust is about four lifelong friends as they journey through boyhood, the Vietnam War, post–war life, and even death.

“I’ve always been interested in theater, and I was looking for a way to best tell the story,” said Bill Hager, the play’s author and screenwriter. “I wrote the story and I thought ‘this doesn’t quite catch it.’ So I thought, if we could put this story into real voices, it’s gonna send a much more meaningful, a much more understandable message.”

So far, several people that screenwriter Bill Hager served with has attended the play.

All of the members of the Brain Trust have seen the play, along with family members.

The play runs this weekend, and again this coming Thursday through Sunday.

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