Historic Vista Theater gets new panel lights in marquee

NEGAUNEE — The marquee of the historic Vista Theater in downtown Negaunee has hit another major milestone recently, with the addition of light.

The new panels on the marquee, which were put up in December, have finally been wired with electricity so it can once again light up on Iron Street.

The marquee has been going through some changes over the last several months after it was struck and damaged by a truck last winter, and there are still more updates to come.

“It’s basically three big panels with LED, energy efficient lights inside” said Rusty Bowers, president of the PAAC. “It’s kind of nice, with the lettering, it’s easier to put up now. And now we finally have electricity going through so now the decorative panels can go up and make it look nice. We have some leakage issues with the rain, so we have to figure out how to contain that.”

The marquee is just one piece of the theater which is scheduled to go through renovations, and ABC 10 will continue to update you as those renovations happen.