Annual Alger County Spring Job Fair held in Munising

MUNISING — People around Alger County who may be looking for a job had a couple of opportunities to meet potential employers on Thursday, at the annual Spring job fair. The job fair started this morning at the Munising Parks and Recreation office, and then moved over to the high school in the afternoon where juniors and seniors were also able to partake in the event.

Every year, the Alger County job fair happens around the same time because the large amount of both seasonal and year–round jobs in the area.

“There are lots of jobs to be had, and yeah it’s always a great time,” said Ron Carnell, the Employer Services Specialist for Upward Talent Service Michigan Works! “We know that Munising is a very seasonal place for employment so, spring is here and summer is coming, so the demand for workers goes through the ceiling. So that’s why we like to hold this at about this time.”

For any employers that are looking to hire more employees in Marquette County, contact Ron Carnell at (906)228-3075 ext. 2019. Or for Alger County, contact Wayne Koenig at (906)586-4255 ext. 1002.