Gwinn Area Community School District hoping to pass sinking fund proposal

GWINN — Gwinn Area Community School District is asking members of the community to vote for a sinking fund May 7th.

The school district is looking to create a sinking fund for repairs on non-negotiable projects for the schools infrastructure. These repairs, replacements and upgrades include: school flooring, intercom system, phone system and school plumbing among other different projects as well.

This fund will support repairs and upgrades to K.I. Sawyer Elementary School, Gilbert Elementary School, Gwinn Middle/High School and the school districts bus garage. Due to the funding and the district on a tight budget they are hoping to see the community come together to create this sinking fund.

“24 years ago the air force left the area and prior to that the air force had supported the Gwinn Area Community Schools for whatever it needed,” explained Sandy Petrovich, Superintendent Gwinn Schools. “Now we are asking the residents to support the needs of the district. We are working our way out of the deficit budget from a few years ago and making great progress towards that. Although they are looking for the sinking fund to alleviate the cost of those non-negotiable projects so that we do not have to dip into the general fund for those expenditures.”

The sinking fund if passed is separate from the district’s general fund and will only be utilized for repairs, replacements and upgrades for the infrastructure. This sinking fund will also take less pressure off the general fund which supports the teachers, programs and other instructional needs.

For more information about the Sinking Fund Proposal click here.