MARQUETTE — One Northern Michigan University organization wants to recycle old mascara wands for a good cause.

The NMU Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club has set up brown bags all around campus where you can drop off your old mascara wands.

This effort is in support of the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge fundraiser called “Wands for Wildlife.”

The old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals.

Mascara wands are great because the bristles are close together and soft to use on animals who need care.

The NMU Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club believes in helping make a difference where ever you are.

“We just really love animals and we want to make a difference no matter where we are. Close or far, we care about everywhere. If us in Marquette can help someone down in North Carolina, then why not,” said Erika Boomsma, Treasurer for NMU Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club.

This is the second year they have been doing this, last year they collected 174 wands, this year so far they have collected over 200.

For more information on where you can drop off your old mascara wands click HERE.