Partridge Creek Farms holds annual Earth Day event

ISHPEMING — Despite the gloomy weather and the fog, Partridge Creek Farms still held their third annual Earth Day Event on Monday.

The event kicked off with a mini–health fair, and took place at the Elks Lodge in Ishpeming, where several organizations from around the area were in attendance.

The event focused on pollution reduction, cleaner energy, sustainable agriculture, and ways to grow organic food. The event also was about engaging kids and teaching them how they can be a part of the solution to these environmental problems they’ll be facing.

“Well kids today are going to have to face the fact that they’ll have to be dealing with the environment and the world,” said Dan Perkins, Director of Partridge Creek Farms. “The climate is crashing in on them, they’ve got real pollution concerns coming up, and this is going to be a major issue in their lives. Earth Day is the day to focus on that. ”

The event also had local speakers and food for those who attended. To wrap up the event, over 100 volunteers planted the entire garden located behind the Elks Lodge with berries.

“We have this idea of growing Ishpeming into a community garden,” said Perkins. “Where every place the kids go they can pick berries, and vegetables, and graze. So that’s one way that we can change our landscape into a healthier landscape, and if we engage the children when we plant these gardens then they will learn for themselves and become healthier.”