Annual Stuff Swap encourages NMU students to redistribute useful items

MARQUETTE –Northern Michigan University is holding their 3rd annual Stuff Swap.

The Stuff Swap is an opportunity for students moving out of the Resident Hall’s to give away things they don’t use anymore.

Their goal is to redistribute useful items to other NMU students before throwing them away or tossing them into the Goodwill bins.

“We were recognizing that a lot of things were getting thrown away. We knew students needed items when they moved to off campus or on campus housing from the resident halls. We knew they were going to need things like plates, pots and pans, and towels. We thought let’s get these to other students that need it,” said Haley Rhoades, Assistant Dean of Students.

The Stuff Swap is happening April 28th from 1 to 4 PM.

This was a combined effort between the NMU Ripple Effect and Housing and Residence life.

Swaps will take place in the following locations:
Hunt/Van Antwerp Lobby
Magers/Meyland Lobby
Spooner Hall Lobby
The Woods corridor and desk area
Woodland Park Multipurpose Room
Lincoln Laundry Room.