UPDATE: Man charged with the murder of Tammy LaFramboise

UPDATE: The woman found dead in a river in Menominee Township had her head, hands and feet cut off according to the criminal affidavit filed Tuesday.

Tamara LaFramboise was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Steven Falkenberg, in South Dakota and then her remains were dumped in the river in Menominee Township.

Falkenberg told police he last saw her on March 1.

Falkenberg is being charged with murder in the second degree and he is being held on a $1 million cash bond.

LaFramboise was first reported missing to South Dakota officials on March 5 by her mother.

Her mother describes her daughter’s relationship with Falkenberg as “very turbulent.”

The Yankton County, S.D., authorities first contacted the police in Menominee on March 12, but the Menominee officials had no information at that point.

The Menominee police reached back out to the Yankton officials once the remains were found on March 16.

LaFramboise’s remains were identified by the tattoos on her body to photos of her.

The missing body parts have not be found.


UPDATE: Monday, March 18 at approximately 7 p.m. South Dakota officials released the name of the woman found in a river in Menominee Township.

According to Yankton County Sheriff’s Office in Yankton, South Dakota, the body was that of Tammy LaFramboise, who hadn’t been seen since March 1.

The sheriff’s office also reports an individual, Stephen Robert Falkenberg, was arrested in Sioux Falls on a 2nd Degree Murder charge.

He’s being held in the Yankton County Jail.

No other information has been released at this time. Stay with ABC 10 as we are updated on information.

MENOMINEE — A body was found in a river in Menominee Township.

The Menominee County Sheriff’s Office announced Sunday that the body was found on Saturday around 10:59 in the morning.

The body has not been identified and it has not been determined as to how long it had been in the river.

The Menominee County Sheriff’s Office, the Michigan State Police, and the Michigan State Police Crime lab are conducting an investigation to identify the body and determine the cause of death.

Stay with us as we are updated with information.