“Women’s Work Is Never Done” exhibit showcasing women in the community

MARQUETTE — The “Women’s Work Is Never Done” exhibit at the Regional History Center started in January and is showcasing the women of Marquette.

The exhibit looks at different women in the Marquette community from the past and present, both housewives and servants, telling their story.

The exhibit displays a number of hand woven rugs, colorful quilts, embroidered tablecloths, and clothing the women wore.

The History Center was able to talk to different women in the community about their unique stories.

“These are stories about everyday women and I think we can all relate to them. Some of it is older history, but some of it is more recent as well. We’re all making history and we are all part of that. I think we can all relate to the work that is being done and continues to be done in our lives and community,” said  Jo Wittler, Curator.

The exhibit is open Monday through Saturday to the public with a small admission fee.

“Women’s Work Is Never Done” will be displayed until April 13th.