ISHPEMING — There could be a new food and drink establishment coming to the city of Ishpeming.

The Ishpeming City Council held a special meeting this morning. One of the agenda items touched on a new building project on the North Side of town. “Project Burrow” will provide coffee and other beverages to residents and others passing by.

“It’s a great location, accessible to people as they come and go into the city,” said Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown. “Gauthier Enterprises is doing it; they were able to secure $200,000 in funding to remediate the site which has considerable contamination on it, from previous uses as a gas station and motor vehicle repair facility.”

Of course, the City needed to approve the remediation of the lot. A request was also approved for Gauthier to acquire some land north of the lot as well, which will add more parking and customers.

Some other agenda items included approving additional funding from the United States Department of Agriculture for their rural development project.