ISHPEMING — An informational presentation on computer safety will be held at the Salvation Army in Ishpeming on Thursday the 9th of August at 6:30 pm.



The event is being promoted through the Attorney General’s office to help expand the knowledge of scams online. Scams do not discriminate and target all who are unlucky to come across one.

These online scams are hard to recognize and can cause a large amount of damage if you don’t know what to look for. The Michigan government is trying to help give people the knowledge to be safer while searching the World Wide Web.

“Whether it is for business or social media, if you are on the internet there are a lot of scams out there,” said “Ok to Say” Consumer education presenter on behalf of the Michigan Attorney General’s office, Jake Putala. “Our goal is to educate the public on how to prevent being scammed and how to recognize them in the first place.”

For more information about scams online you can click here.