Hundreds of books lost every year at local library

MARQUETTE — Every year hundreds of books go missing and have to be replaced at The Peter White Public Library.

Imagine a book shelf full of 400 books. That’s how many books have gone missing or have not been returned to The Peter White Public Library.

That’s equivalent to 12,000 dollars a year. Some of the book genres that do go missing might surprise you.

“Well there is several books on tough topics like sexual abuse and alcoholism that relate to teenagers and things that relate to puberty. Can sometimes go missing, that are hopefully helping the kid. We would prefer to have it back, but we’ll buy that stuff over and over again,” said Bruce McDonald, Technical Services Librarian.

Books can go missing for a number of different reasons.

Books could have been re–shelved in the wrong place or forgetfulness from patrons. Sometimes when books go missing it’s out of our hands.

“When people experience life changes like they’re moving. Especially if its under extreme circumstances, that’s when the things don’t come back. People get over burdened with too much on their plate. It becomes a low priority to return their stuff,” said McDonald.

For those of you at home who do have over due books and think it’s too late to return them. Just remember, it’s never too late.

“Even if its overdue, that’s fine just bring it in and it’s always less of a cost to bring the book back, because that’s majority of what you owe. The price of the book,” added McDonald.

The Peter White Public Library is always accepting donations of books in good condition.