NEGAUNEE — Pioneer Days in Negaunee has some pretty fun things to do. But one of the more entertaining events of the week took place today at Lacombe Field.

For the better part of 20 years, fans have gathered to cheer on the Old Timers. Hailing from Marquette and Negaunee, these two teams square off in a friendly yet intense contest to celebrate Pioneer Days.

“You’ve got to be 62 years or older to play…Just like social security,” said Marquette Catcher Leo Smith.

The game gives the players a chance to relive the glory days.

“It brings back memories for all these guys of when they were younger, and playing when they were more agile,” said Neguanee Manager Don Trudell.

But, those glory days may not be in the past just yet. Despite the fact that these gentlemen are getting their social security checks, there is still a great display of athleticism. It’s been said that both pitchers can throw upwards of 70 miles an hour.

“Good pitching will beat good hitting any day,” said Smith.

During the game, the players stay competitive. The Marquette team came into today’s matchup looking to continue their momentum.

“They’re coming on strong, they’ve won the last two outings I think, but they’ve always been close games,” said Trudell.

“We’ve had some great contests here,” said Smith. “We’ve blown each other out a few times, but most of them are nip–and–tuck games you know. We’re out here for a good time but there’s still the competitiveness too, there really is.”

No matter the result, the game is a cause for celebration.

“The camaraderie is still there for both teams, and that’s the name of the game,” said Trudell.

“We’ll get together after the game, and have, as Mickey says, a few ginger ales,” added Smith.

But first, it’s time to try and even the series.