MARQUETTE — The store known as Michigan Made is hosting an art camp for kids of the ages 6-13.  These kids will be working with different materials as they explore the world of sculpting for the week.

The five session art camp will explore different ways artists make different 3 dimensional arts. Campers will make a few different types of art pieces during the week long workshop.

They will also learn about art techniques and different artists that also worked with sculpting. The camp was created to give young kids a chance to look at art in a wider perspective and to get their hands working with sculpting.

“Well some of us are not profound and we don’t have art spilling out of us but we just really want to do it,” said Michigan Made Art Instructor, Elizabeth Howe. “It’s all about creative problem solving, engineering, project management and all of these things. So there is a fine line between just letting someone go with creative expression because often times they get bored. But instead teach them how and it opens up there world.”

The cost for Art Camp is $125 per student for 5 sessions.

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