Buying local fireworks around the U.P.

NEGAUNEE —¬†Businesses in the U.P. rely heavily on the summer months to bring in tourism as well as large economic games for small businesses. One of the most popular purchases is fireworks during the 4th of July.


Even though towns across the U.P. are hosting their own fireworks some folks like to shoot off their own. The question is what product has the most bangs for your buck.

Well that all depends on how much you want to spend. Some fireworks can be as cheap as a few dollars, while others can go for a few hundred. One popular firework sold around the U.P. is called “Da Super Yooper” and it is known to be a best seller around these parts.

The reason for so many people buying these fireworks is because they want to have a little fun and choose the explosions  they get to see.

“You get to like choose what you want to light off and its more personalized,” said Freedom Fireworks Manager, Griffin Pepin. “You can even search on YouTube and see what certain fireworks do and then you can say ‘Oh I like that!’ and then light it off. Or maybe you don’t like that and then you are not going to buy it. So you don’t have to sit through fireworks you don’t like, you only get to watch the fireworks you chose.”

The Freedom Fireworks will be selling fireworks until the end of August.