MSHS working towards providing a safer environment

MARQUETTE — In light of recent school violence Marquette Senior High is already ahead of the curve in making sure they provide a safe and secure environment for their students and the community.

Marquette Senior High Schools number one priority is to make sure all students feel safe.

“Parents felt like hey, I put them on the bus, I drop them off at the door and nothing is going to happen to my child. Schools have become a target and we have to do our diligence to make sure whatever we have within our power were going to make sure that we are providing a safe and secure environment,” Bill Saunders, MAPS Superintendent.

With the help from the Kauffman Foundation and the Marquette Police Department there is a full time police officer in the school at all times. Teachers are also provided with a small panic pendant that could save lives.

“If we had a 911 type of emergency or an active shooter type of situation, our staff is all trained to hit their panic pendant of they are wearing it on a lanyard or wearing it on a little belt clip. They just have to hit that button and an immediate 911 call goes out to Marquette County Dispatch center,” Saunders added.

They still are looking to add more buzzer systems around the school along with more cameras in different parts of the school. Marquette Senior High School is open to any suggestion the community might have.