Noquemanon Trail Network to host 8th annual Dirt Ball

MARQUETTE — With the sun finally shining more often, bikers, hikers and more are ready to get back onto the trails. This calls for some celebration, with a little work on the side.

The Noquemanon Trail Network is hosting their 8th annual Dirt Ball this Saturday. Volunteers are welcome to clean, ride, and celebrate the Forestville Trailhead ahead of the upcoming biking season. The work done on the trails isn’t taken for granted.

“They take ownership of the trail; they’re stewards of the trail,” said NTN Event Coordinator Bob Hendrickson. “It’s not just the mountain bikers, it’s the trail runners, the hikers, everybody that’s been involved with the organization. The NTN is primarily a volunteer–based organization, and the volunteers are the core of the group that really makes these things happen.”

Although the weather is supposed to be a bit dreary, the cleanup and ride is expected to host at least a dozen volunteers. The ride will be followed by a fundraiser at Blackrocks Brewery.