Raising the bar at Ore Dock Brewery

The Ore Dock hosted an event over the weekend in support of awareness for sexual crimes committed in the local bars of the community.

The local brewery invited local bar owners and the general public out for a training session in keeping their establishments safe for the community. This event was brought into light due to April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the recent movement known as the “Me Too” movement.

“I think first and foremost people want to have a safe environment to be able to enjoy themselves whether it be catching live music on the weekends, enjoying a beverage or going out to dinner with their friends,” said, Tap Room and Events Manager, Lizzie Corser. “It is my hope that this conversation will continue over the next few months. Not just with the service industry but community wide, but definitely within the industry and looking at ways that we can all come together to provide a safer environment for all our customers.”

The event opened the eyes to the community and learned of new threats and ways to counter them within the food and beverage industry.