NMU PRSSA host 1st annual Marquette Coffee Crawl

MARQUETTE — This past weekend the Northern Michigan University Public Relations School Society of America put on their first annual coffee crawl.

The Marquette Coffee Crawl attracted about a hundred caffeine connoisseurs to sample coffee from different coffee shops downtown, all while raising awareness for a cause.

“We were brainstorming and we thought about different things we could do. We really wanted to do something with coffee and we wanted to do a cause behind it, April is sexual assault awareness month. The Women’s Center supports domestic violence and sexual assault victims. We thought that was a really important cause to donate to them, so that’s what we decided to do,” Myah Tatay,  Coffee Crawl Campaign Coordinator.

“Our tickets are actually $12.50 which is actually the amount it cost to stay a one night stay at the Women’s Center harbor house. Which is basically like a safe house for women who have experienced sexual assault violence,” Katie Stewart, Member of PRSSA.

Saturday’s crawl was a great way to give locals a chance to support local businesses, while helping fix an underlying issue in the community as well.

“The benefit is now all those people that are fans of one specific coffee shop, gets to experience all the coffee shops in town which is fun,” Paul Vafa, Partner and Retail Manager for Velodrome.

All the proceeds made went to help the Women’s Center in Marquette.