ID theft tips issued to protect public

GWINN — With advances in technology, things should be erring towards the safer side. But Identity theft is still very much in play. The public needs to be warned about how to keep their identity to themselves.



People from the Talent Investment Agency and the Michigan State Police are working to help past, present, and future identity theft victims keep track of their identities. Criminals are using stolen identities to file claims for unemployment benefits.

“A lot of elderly victims, we see a lot of that, you’ve seen news over the years, where people call in and they think it’s legit, they see something on the internet, and they think it’s a legitimate website,” said Detective First Lieutenant James Grady of the Michigan State Police.

While that demographic is one of the more targeted, there are many other groups of people that can be affected. There are many tips to keep your identity to yourself. Some include shredding old information, and keeping your social security card safe.