Winter extending into April

NEGAUNEE — It looks like we’ll be hanging on to winter a little bit longer this year. Wednesday night into Thursday morning we are expecting a system. The morning commute on Thursday morning can be really slippery and snowy so people need to keep an eye out for that.



This weekend the system can start on Friday and last all the way through Monday with potentially heavy snow. Unfortunately, there is too much uncertainty with the way this system will work out to even give a range of possible snow amounts at this time.

“The main thing is to just stay in tuned with the weather, some people will see a forecast that was out there from a few days ago. The weather is constantly changing, so people just need to stay in tuned to the latest forecast,” said Jason Alumbaugh, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

With potentially heavy snow and high winds, it is important to keep an eye out for the road conditions, having your winter survival kit in your car and to give yourself that extra time so you are not rushing to get to your destination.