MARQUETTE COUNTY —¬†With the warmer weather approaching (eventually), roads will be busier with construction and tourism here in the Upper Peninsula. Motorists need to be reminded to just drive.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Michigan State Police will be cracking down on drivers who are not focused on the road. Each injury or accident caused by distracted driving is preventable.

“We will be out there in unmarked police cars looking at traffic to see if there are blatant violations of distracted driving, whether it’s the use of a cell phone, texting while you’re driving, emailing while you’re driving, something like that,” said Capt. John Halpin, commander of the MSP 8th District. “If we do see a violation, a traffic stop will ensue, and enforcement action will be taken.”

Halpin said that there will be no warnings issued to distracted drivers. But a fine is a small price to pay, compared to injuring or killing someone as a result of distracted driving.