ISHPEMING —  City Hall members went over some topics at the City Hall conference this evening and it involves a building project.

After a mining office was being passed down through companies it was finally demolished by Eagle Mine. Then the land was donated to the city where the committee now plans on building the Lake Bancroft Park Pavilion. The project was recommended in December for a $300,000 Natural Resource Trust Fund grant. That will also be added to a $250,000 grant that was awarded to Ishpeming by the Cliffs and Eagle Mine Marquette Community Fund, as well as a $50,000 pledge from the DDA. This project will give the people of Ishpeming and visitors a place to relax.

“Those facilities are used almost year round by people for various events, so it will be available for that. Then if it’s not being utilized by anyone for a specific purpose it will be open to the public,” said, City Manager, Mark Slown.

The Lake Bancroft Park Pavilion is said to be built sometime this year.