One School, One Book kicks off Reading Month

MARQUETTE — March is National Reading Month, and schools across Marquette County are getting in on the action. Gravereat Elementary School in Marquette begins the month by participating in the One School, One Book program, one that allows families to read books with their children.



Each student in the school gets a book to take home. This year’s book is Pie, by Sarah Weeks.

“It’s a mystery story about a little girl who’s aunt is an award–winning pie baker, and she passes away, and everyone is excited because they think they’re going to get the secret pie recipe, and become rich and famous,” Said 2nd grad teacher Lori Smolinski.

The only problem: she left the recipe with the cat, Lardo, who has been cat–napped. Students and staff play along; each room is decorated to relate to a different chapter in the book. The choice was an easy one for teachers to make.

“It meets a lot of out literacy standards,” said Smolinski. “So we’re able to do some very high quality teaching experiences along with the book, and mysteries are just plain fun, with everyone talking and guessing what’s going on, so it’s very exciting.”

The One School, One Book program educates families and schools on the benefits and importance of reading aloud at home.