MARQUETTE — Do you love sushi as much as you love living in Marquette? A new shop will allow you to enjoy both.

The Masonic Center in Marquette has added another tenant: Benri Sushi. Formerly based in Escanaba, its operations were moved to an area not very familiar with the dish.

“We kind of needed a bigger crowd, people that were a little bit more into sushi,” said Owner and Executive Chef Thomas Flemal. “And with Marquette being the cultural hub of the Upper Peninsula we figured this was the market we needed to get into.”

The move seems to be helping so far; they’ve had long lines every day and come close to selling out.

“Having the University here, and the hospital as well, I think that really helps out with bringing folks into town that have been other places, that have had the opportunity to try good sushi, good foods from all over the world,” said Flemal.

Due to the consistent business of Benri, Flemal asks that people call ahead for sushi.