MARQUETTE — Like any day, MLK day is a time to show compassion to others and make the community a better place. NMU students did just that today.

As part of Northern Michigan University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, students participated in a March for Equality. Like the great civil rights activist, NMU students wanted to do their part to promote kindness and equality.

“As a campus and as a community we go out and serve others, and we show that no matter who you are, you’re equal,” said Samantha Black, a coordinator for Superior Edge at the Center for Student Enrichment. “We serve others, we want to work together in this world, and we want to make the world a better place.”

The march hosted a variety of diversity, each member with unique traits, but all came together to achieve the same goal.

“We all look different and do things different, and we all have different beliefs and everything, but those can all come together on a day like this and promote equality through each other,” said Black.

In addition to the march, students were able to participate in service projects, helping local organizations like UPAWS and Harbor house.